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CSI Worldwide Ltd is a leading digitizing company located in Nottingham in the UK. Our company is very popular due to its superlative work process and high-end technology that supports the business of the people. We are the best and biggest machine embroidery designs provider in the world. We have large numbers of delighted clients both in national and International levels. Our company offers the top quality machine embroidery designs at a very fair price. We have a large collection of the free embroidery designs in our website. The users can browse and find the suitable designs for their projects. Our wide range of free embroidery designs in our website will help the users to have a complete grasp over the embroidery designs to make their business more lucrative. CSI Worldwide Ltd. believes in fast, reliable services in the field of embroidery digitizing services. Our company has grown up due to its fast and systematic approach of online help at any moment of necessity. CSI Worldwide Ltd. is committed to create the best quality embroidery artists and creative people that will help the apparel worlds and home decorations more beautiful.
Digitizing Rate   Left Chest/Cap £ 15.00
Jacket Backs £ 25.00
Digitizing Edit RateSize Edit Rate   All Size £ 5.00
Digitizing Font Rate(For name only designs) Size Font Rate   Up to 12 cm £ 2.00
12 cm £ 6.00
Artwork RateArtWork Type ArtWork Rate   Simple £ 8.00
Complex £16.00
ArtWork Per Hour £ 5.00
Artwork Font Rate(For name only designs) Size ArtWork Rate  

All Size £ 2.00

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